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International Atomic Energy Agency falsifies statistics

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The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) states in its nuclear database "Power PRIS" nuclear power plant Kudankulam 1 has started commercial operation on April 30th 2014. In fact Kudankulam 1 has the status of trial operation. A deliberate misinformation?

NPCIL expects start of commercial operation of Kudankulam 1 (KKNPP1) in May 2014. Till today, May 7th 2014, KKNPP1 never reached full capacity.

Questionable statistics

The IAEA statistics is questionable anyway. According to IAEA in Japan are 48 reactors operational after Fukushima. According to these statistics Fukushima 1 to 4 were operational until mid-May 2011 and Fukushima 5 and 6 even up to December 2013. "Operational" are reactors according to IAEA as soon as they have been connected to the grid for the first time, even if only for a few minutes. Tests and repairs are carried out between the first connection to the grid and the beginning of commercial operation, this may take a year or longer. The statistic is fined in terms of the nuclear lobby to suggest a recovery of nuclear power.

Conscious misinformation

For a deliberate misinformation of the IAEA , there could be two reasons, both related to the ongoing elections in India. Firstly, the ruling Congress party wants to present their nuclear program as a success. On the other hand , the lame duck government of India has agreed with the Russian Rosatom the purchase of two additional reactors ( Kudankulam 3 and 4). There may be a clause in this context that the contracts take effect only if Kudankulam has 1 began commercial operation. The new government could find themselves forced under pressure by the anti-nuclear movement to investigate the known defects in nuclear plant Kudankulam.

Dirty commissioning

For the same reasons a quick and dirty commissioning of the unfinished and not fully tested NPP in Kudankulam could be pushed through. In comparison, the false information by the IAEA is a small, insignificant lie.

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Max Moritz 10.05.2014 07:27
IAEA has changed the begin of commercial operation of Kudankulam 1 to "N/A" again on May 9th or May 10th.