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Deterrence culture in Karlsruhe

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In the Landeserstaufnahmestelle (LEA) Karlsruhe refugees have to stay in filthy rooms with massive insect infestation. The intolerable conditions last for weeks. Diseases can be transmitted by insect bites. There is a danger, that these insects will spread to all refugee shelters within in the state of Baden-Württemberg.
Deterrence culture in Karlsruhe

One of these Insects

A refugee family, that traveled in late February from the Rems-Murr-Kreis east of Stuttgart to Karlsruhe, reported:

Know what happened before it happens to you!

One day before our interview in Karlsruhe we went there. We waited for a room for the night. Finally we got a room together with another family. But you know, how many insects were there or how many insects another family found on their baby? We learned it. Due to the crying baby we checked the room. We saw that the room was full of insects. As we went out, we saw that all the families had left their rooms because of the same problem. But you know, when we called the security, they knew the problem. So we decided to stay up until morning. That was better than expose ourselves to these dangerous insects and all that dirt. Yes, that happened to us one day before the interview.

The family also described how parents arranged tables in the hallway as beds for their children. The parents themselves remained awake and tried to protect their children from insect bites. Even kitchen rooms were full of insects. The security people responded only with a shrug, they knew very well about the insect infestation. They denied any need for action. Another family from the Rems-Murr-Kreis visiting Karlsruhe was tortured by insect bites at the beginning of February already. After a sleepless night they had to wait for hours just to be sent away in the early afternoon without registration. Their conclusion: "Karlsruhe is the worst place in Germany".

The insects may be a sort of ticks. The three to four millimeters large animals have a hard shell. In sponge they feel comfortable. Their bites itch and leave red marks on the skin of their victims.

Refugees from all over Baden-Württemberg have to go to Karlsruhe for registration or interview every day. It's just a matter of time until the insects will have spread to all refugee shelters of the state.

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) in Karlsruhe makes all appointments for all the refugees at the same time, at 8 am. A journey by public transport on the same day is not possible for many refugees. Regularly at 2:30 pm BAMF closes it's counters. All those who were not called up until that point of time made their trip to Karlsruhe just for nothing. The BAMF Karlsruhe is infamous for its schedule chaos. Appointments are being canceled without allocating new ones. Some refugees are denied to register their asylum application for months. BAMF doesn't answer any phone calls, even not those by social workers.

All this can't be explained by bureaucratic sluggishness and plain incompetence anymore. The pretty speeches on welcome culture are sheer cynicism. At least the said authorities in Karlsruhe pursue a policy of deterrence. It is not foolishness, it is political will.

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