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In the Case of Infringement a 250,000 Euro Fine or Six Months in Prison.

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The regional court Nuremberg-Fürth has prohibited the Nuremberg UPS works council chairman, Tobias Dede, from making use of the contents of Nazi websites in his publications.

The 11th civil division of the regional court Nuremberg-Fürth issued on 18. May 2006 an injunction against Tobias Dede. (Reference no.: 11,0 4015/06). A colleague from another firm mentioned in the Nazi article used by Dede to defame works council members had gone to court. An article on the preceding events can be read here

An excerpt from the court order:

The defendant (Dede) has to avoid disseminating or having the Internet address of the website of the Anti-Antifa disseminated, in particular by printing the Internet address (www...) to the extent that the picture of the claimant is displayed on this website. For every case of violation a fine of up to 250,000 Euro or alternatively up to six months imprisonment will be determined.

The complete court order in German can be read here .

It can be inferred from the court order and the court's written justification that because the Nazis show illicit photos (not just of the claimant) Dede may not refer to the website because he is is thereby intruding illegally upon the personal rights of those persons affected . It is also interesting that in the written justification it is stated that:

Dede “is a propagator of the assertions included on the Internet page. To wit he has adopted the contents of the website.”

See also the contribution in LabourNet Germany (in German).

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