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Comments on today's demonstration / Kommentare zur Demo heute

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We would like to collect reports and comments on today's demonstration in Genk. You can send them to or publish them here anonymously using the "Kommentieren"-Button. / Wir möchten an dieser Stelle Berichte und Kommentare zur heutigen Demo in Genk veröffentlichen. Man kann sie an schicken oder sie hier mit dem "Kommentieren"-Button anonym veröffentlichen.

Kommentar vom 11.11.:

"Today, 11.11.12, a major manifestation has taken place in Genk, BE. This manifestation was announced a couple of weeks ago and was meant for people to come together and show solidarity with the workers of Ford Genk. However, the Belgian politicians refused to talk about real measures, real action against the plans of Ford.

PVDA, worker's party of Belgium, started spreading information about other possibilities. Like spreading the production throughout all current factories instead of closing them down. Amongst that proposition, other ideas emerges as well.

The unions at Ford visited the Ford factory of Köln. The goal was to show the Ford-management that they weren't to give up their jobs. This visit however, due to a provocative police force, got out of hand. One of the trade unionists was arrested, Gaby Colebunders. His arrest made the workers angry.

The combination of the PVDA's information as well as Gaby's clash with the German police has turned today's manifestation from a solidarity march to a call for struggle. 20 000 people walked along. Ford-workers, unionists and partymembers. Today's manifestation was a clear sign to Belgian's politicians as well as Ford's management that the workers aren't tools. They will not be discarded and will fight for every job that is threatened.

This is no longer merely the battle of Ford-workers, this is an international start against the capitalist ways of multinationals, against the neoliberal politicians of the EU.

From Belgium, Michaël."