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No Sex - No Job! Female colleague extorted by her boss

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As Cologne daily paper "Express" reports, a female UPS worker in Air Hub Cologne/Bonn fell a victim to sexual extortion. Management did not clear up the case and assist the woman, the paper says. Instead she had to face chicanery and threats.

When you start to work for UPS in Germany, your contracts will be limited in the first two years. If they let you continue after those 24 months, contracts are unlimited automatically - if not, you have to leave the company. This practice is lawful and used by many firms.

A Supervisor in Cologne Air Hub now is reported to have taken advantage of those circumstances.

"As it was about time to unlimit my contract, he made clear offers. If I met with him in private, I would get the contract. Otherwise I would soon be without a job.", the colleague states to the "Express". As she submitted to her superior´s demands, the mother of six children found herself sexually extorted for months afterwards.

When finally she found the courage to inform the management, asking for help, she was told not to adress the works council and to keep quiet. According to the "Express", she got threatened and harassed after she had told the management what was going on. Her boss only was removed to another place and is still working for UPS.

The public prosecutor was not willing to help the woman, either. "The perpetrator became the victim and I the perpetrator.", so she says. "There will be no accuse, because he didn´t use violent force."

Sad to report, this case and the way, UPS management is handling it, is far from being an exception.

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